Coconut Girl Aesthetic Guide

Our recent move to North Shore Oahu was the best thing we could’ve done. Within two weeks we ended up buying two longboards and surfing almost everyday. School and work seem to be an afterthought. The waves and silence of the ocean have seemed to steal our souls.
OriginIt is reminiscent of early 2000’s summer styles. The aesthetic regained its popularity on TikTok in 2021
MeaningCoconut girl is a girl who is pretty in a generic way. She is beautiful to everyone, but when you put them among other beautiful people, you don’t notice them. it could be a compliment or an insult.
She can be hard and tough towards you ( like the outside of a coconut) but at other times can be sweet and filled with freshness ( like the inside of a coconut ). Compared to more dystopian aesthetics like punk, e-girl, goth, and grunge fairy, Coconut Girl is carefree, naive, and optimistic.
A coconut girl is white and blonde at the beginner, now the trend is more international because of its popularity on social media.
Key ColorsColorful but not very bright, pastel shades.
Key Motifs– frozen yogurt
– shells
– temporary tattoos
– pastel-colored drinks
– disposable cameras
– blow-up chairs
Personality Match– chill
– active
– carefree,
– naive,
– optimistic
Clothes Style– pattern-printed bikinis,
– chunky sandals, frozen yogurt,  
– crochet halter tops,
– tropical flower prints,
– bead-and-shell jewelry,
– bucket hats,
– butterfly tops,
– crochet bags,
– blue nail varnish,
– hibiscus print shirts,
– glitter tattoos,
– graphic tank tops of beach waves, island vacation vibes,
– tanned skin,
– never wears shoes
Hairstyle– flower hair accessories
– messy and casual hairstyles
Room Decor Style– wave print duvet
– beach inspired wall decor
Makeup LookThe natural beach looks as if the girl lives on the beach 24/7. But without the windswept hair.
Associated MusicMary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Holiday in the Sun, Sarah Paxton’s mermaid character in Aquamarine and Rihanna in her “If It’s Lovin’ That You Want” music video.
Associated Activities– spends all her time on the beach,
– takes Polaroids,
– uses the dolphin emoji,
– eats a lot of fruit,
– has glitter stick-on tattoos,
– watch movies like Aquamarine, Blue Crush and of course the TV show H2O.
– hitting the gym,
– surfing,
– climbing the mountains
What are the different types of coconut girls?

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