Korean Room Aesthetic

Tidy minimal interior
OriginKorean drama & Kpop
MeaningKorean girl aesthetic gained international popularity following Korean drama and K-pop in the 2000s through global social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Korean girl aesthetic is a combination of past and present, Asian and Western, high culture and popular culture, fashion and art. The culture is trained to adapt because of the historical influence of Imperial Japan and the USA.
Key Colors– Pink
– Peach
– Pastel
– Beige
– Black
– Red
– Blue
Key Motifs– Korean skincare & beauty products
– Kimchi
– Soju
Personality Match– Feminine
– Active
– Harmonious
– Family-oriented
– Respect for elders, authority and tradition
– Cute but high maintenance
Clothes Style– plaid or bright colors
– simple dresses with thin straps
– big, chunky sweaters
– mini skirts
– boxy graphic tees
– high waist mom jeans
Hairstyle– Long straight hair
– Messy bun
– Fluffy hair
Room Decor Style– very simple
– light wood, 
– light bedding (sometimes gingham or a grid pattern),
– white or beige walls, 
– big window for lots of natural light,
– indoor plants
– CD wall art

Kpop style rooms can look quite different from Korean girl aesthetic rooms. The first one is more about seeing your favorite Korean idol at every corner of your room, while the latter gives a more calm and traditional vibe like what you see in Korean movies or dramas.
Makeup Look– focuses heavily on skincare
– light makeup
– feminine
– neat elbows
Associated MusicKpop such as BTS, BLACKPINK, TXT, TWICE, ZICO, EXO & Mamamoo.
Associated Activities– Dancing
– Watching Korean drama
– Listening to Kpop
– Studying or Working
– Trying out Asian makeup or skincare hacks
What are the different types of Korean girl aesthetics?– Cute Korean girl aesthetic
– Korean grunge aesthetic
– Korean kawaii aesthetic
– Korean soft girl aesthetic
– Korean yellow aesthetic
– Cute korean girl with mask aesthetic
– Coquette Kpop aesthetic
– Fairycore Kpop aesthetic
– Pastel goth Kpop aesthetic
– Kawaii Kpop aesthetic
– Anime Kpop aesthetic
– Grunge Kpop aesthetic
– Indie Kpop aesthetic
– Minimalist Kpop aesthetic
– Yami Kawaii Kpop aesthetic

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