Rich Girl Aesthetic

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MeaningRich girl aesthetics convey a sense of wealth through expensive items and activities.
Key Colors– Gold & rosegold colors
– Cyan colors
Key Motifs– Luxury products, cars, mansions, exotic pets etc.
Personality Match– Sensitive
– Insecure
Clothes Style– Skirts in white, lilac, blue, or baby pink, crop tops
– cardigans with chunky sneakers.
Hairstyle– Neat hair
– Long or medium length hair
Room Decor Style– Art Deco
– Art Moderne
– Artisan
– Baroque
– Beach Home decor
Makeup Look– Looks Natural
– Neutral Colours
– Gentle Foundation
– Cat eyeliner
– Avoid sunspots and sunburns
– Use sunscreen
Associated Music– Pop music
– Piano music
Associated Activities– leisure activities that require first-class traveling or connections.
– shopping
– parties
– chilling
– reading
What are the different types of rich girls?

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